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Booking, including but not limited to changes in dates, routes, name and/or adding Complementary Services, and such change is not paid within the terms and in the manner provided in these Terms and Conditions, the Passenger. The Pet must be held in a cage, of rigid material, specifically designed for the transportation of the Pet, in which the animal may lie down, stand up and fit comfortably. The order of the Groups S, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 and Group 4 may vary depending on each airports facilities. Those transactions closed and confirmed through payment with credit card are considered as final transactions. In the case of people sought by national or international authorities, the respective authorities shall be notified or, if applicable, his/her consignment to the corresponding authorities shall be made. VivaAerobus may deny boarding to Passengers for the following reasons, including but not limited to:. 11.1 Guidelines for LAG transportation.

The Passenger acknowledges and agrees that "VivaAerobus" does not accept the cancellation of Bookings and/or Complementary Services previously acquired by the Passenger. 2.8 Cancellations in exceptional circumstances. Insofar as the requirements to be met must change please check the to corroborate that your service animal complies with all the requirements before travelling. The Passenger must use the same name in case of having different flights scheduled under a single Booking Code, therefore, once a certain route has been performed under a certain name, the Passenger cannot make the change of name for the other routes. Viva Express : Service that the passenger may use the check-in line of VivaAerobus named Express or fast, through prior payment made by any of the Sales Channels.

All invoices will be issued for the full amount of the purchase of the Itinerary, this is, toys r us promo coupon code the system do not allow partial billing, either passenger or services such as excess baggage or changes. Gas and any type of gas container Butane, propane, acetylene, oxygen in large amounts Flammable liquids Including methanol, oil, gasoline, diesel, alcohol, ethanol, aerosol paint, paint thinner, alcoholic beverages exceeding 70 degrees of alcohol volume Oxides and organic peroxides Including treatments for repair of car. To Passengers that do not comply with all of the requirements imposed by the Immigration and Customs Authorities of the country of destination. 7.0 Passengers traveling with Infants. Applicable Law.1 Legal grounds. 2.7 Cancelled or Overbooked Flights. VivaAerobus shall not be liable for the allergic or any other reaction suffered or that may be suffered by the Passenger as direct consequence of the consumption of said products. All FaresVacation Express Airfare OnlyPublished Airfare Only - Select Connections -Best ValueBest PriceNon-Stop. The check-in of such sports items shall be conditioned to the following: Not to exceed the maximum weight of 32 (thirty-two) kilograms Not to exceed the measure of 319 (three hundred and nineteen) linear centimeters per article or checked-in container. 17.1 City-airport-city shuttle (Vivabus The Vivabus Shuttle tickets are only valid for the date, origin and destination indicated in the ticket, and therefore no changes or return requests are accepted for the cases they have been paid but not enforced by the purchaser pursuant. VivaAerobus allows Passengers with Disability and/or Reduced Mobility to transport wheelchairs and other devices they may own, which shall be considered as part of their carry-on baggage without additional cost.