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his flight home too. Must have been a reason. That doesn't mean the link's not there, I think. I'm gonna limp through these next gigs, that's for sure.

Just past london (not the england one but here in ontario we stop for gas w/me taking the wheel for the last hundred miles and the border. Jer gets me around midnight. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. Of course, we're all lamed-out w/some kinds of prejudice but that's a human weakness. He asks why doesn't he know who I am, "are you famous or what?" I say I don't know, I just like to hautelook shipping coupon code play gigs for people. I like tart - even sour. Tour is starting to wear a little on my voice and this helps so much. All three of us make a good contrast, no conformity here! I am committed to wailing on that. So sad gerardo passed away early too. It's not too far away from ohio state.

Civilian life is not to meant to be like the military - take it from someone who grew up in navy housing! I take another walk around the river's edge and see the dam - I'm sensitive to the power emanating from these things and it resonates through. Lj gets up and has to go do stuff but he tells me he'll come back to make us all chow later. I konk like that. The voice came back, this time definitely concerned. Pornmag collections and game cartridges. Monday, may 19 - milwaukee, wi from watt: pop early as usual and feel like a little hoofing should be in order cuz I'm feeling sort of emotional.